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As museums attract such a wide and varied audience, we make it our business to ensure everyone who walks through the door has been considered.

It’s about every visitor going away with a memory, having connected to the subject, feeling that they’ve experienced something special.

Subject Experts

Our design solutions don’t just appeal to the general visitor. We also improve the access to exhibits for academics and specialists.

Disabled People

We strive to design exhibitions that exceed DDA requirements giving access to everyone physically and intellectually. It’s not just about ramps and large point sizes!

Older Folk

Older people may be better able to understand things in a historical context but may be less comfortable using IT. We also design with issues like seating and acoustics in mind.

Family Groups

Design solutions should aim to encourage interaction within a family group, allowing parents to act as enablers, but sometimes they will be surprised to see that these roles can be reversed.

Little People

Some children gather information at a fast and furious pace whilst others need space for contemplation and reflection. We help museums balance the needs of schools with those of other users.